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Small Town    I was born and raised in Santa Cruz and consider myself very lucky to be a native Santa Cruzian. I grew up in Live Oak which was mostly open land surrounding the few culde-sacs at the time. I remember the days of riding my cruiser to the beach with my friends on the handlebars, playing night tag and community BBQ’s. I have watched the community grow and evolve from north to south county and truly value all that it has to offer.

Travel    My love for travel started at 18 when I decided to see what my country had to offer, and to this day I have visited over 20 states. Over the course of my travels I realized my love and great interest for real estate. I have seen how the architecture and industry differs from state to state and city to city and I can tell you that Santa Cruz definitely is one of a kind.

Acting Career    I Come from a family prevalent in the Acting industry. My first career was an actress. Not only did I perform locally but also have an agent in San Francisco and did many film projects including co starring in a discovery channel original. I Was the winner of the 2010 Kaucher mitchell storytelling competition which is a 100+ year old tradition at San Jose State university.

Giving Back      I am the founder of the Salvatore Pacino Family Scholarship which gives back to students in financial need who are looking to graduate with Theatre Arts or Film Degrees.

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts and Communications from San Jose State

Real Estate License

RCS-D Designation/ Specializing in Divorce Real Estate

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Work Experience      My career in real estate started almost 10 years ago in appraisal management, where I gained vast foundational knowledge regarding the inner-workings of the real estate industry, where homes derive their value, and how to provide insight in setting an appropriate list price. This knowledge in combination with my background in public speaking and thirst for being around people I realized that sales in real estate is where I was meant to be. After growing my individual business as a realtor, I knew I would be able to better serve my clients by expanding into Wonder Realty Group.

RCS-D     I hold a designation in divorce real estate. I am a specialist in real estate collaboration - Divorce.  I know how to communicate with attorney’s on real estate holdings and can help navigate all parts of real estate in a Divorce situation. I am greatly interested in this designation as I feel I can truly help people through tough circumstances.

Personal Real Estate Accomplishment      I not only help my clients buy and sell real estate but I also invest in real estate myself, owning 2 properties in Santa Cruz County by the age of 32. I know the process and can help navigate any situation that may arise.

My Promise to You      I bring my spunk for life, my confidence in negotiating, skillful communication, my passion for the industry and my affinity for human interaction into my practice on a daily basis. All of these things allow me to surpass expectations when entering into and completing a transaction. I pride myself in how I conduct my business and how I remain an honest, committed and loyal individual.

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